Fr Martin Ashe

Parish Priest

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About Fr Martin Ashe

” Fr Ashe was ordained in June 1978 with 11 others, who were all sent to different dioceses overseas. Fr Ashe’s first parish was at Hadfield in Melbourne. He said his Irish accent was so thick when he first arrived that he had to slow down so people could understand him. He found the culture in Australia to be younger, more open and with a greater variety of people. He said there was “a newness about the Catholic Church in Australia, and the migrant communities continue to give it fresh life”. He served in parishes in Clayton and Blackburn.Fr Ashe also worked for some time as pastoral director at Corpus Christi seminary in Melbourne.

For his own life, Fr Ashe finds great inspiration in the life of St Therese of Lisieux. He is inspired by her courage and can relate to her desire to be a missionary and to be ‘love in the world’. He says she can offer hope to people in the world today who feel that they are in the midst of darkness and, perhaps most especially, to priests in our culture who can feel surrounded by a type of darkness.He describes St Therese, who died an agonising death from tuberculosis at the age of 24, as “a very gutsy woman”. With many demands on them, priests can become very tired, especially as they age, and Fr Ashe spoke of the importance of lay people who are active in their parishes and who take their baptismal responsibility to be involved in the mission of the Church seriously.