Parish Communication Group

The Parish Communications Group was formed in 2019 and serves the following purpose:

  • to oversee that the vision and mission of Christ the Light Parish is being communicated in practical and creative ways to all parishioners and the wider community;
  • to communicate more effectively who we are and what we seek to be for one another and the broader community;
  • to share events and stories that celebrate our Christian commitment;
  • to be a source of encouragement to all in giving witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ; and
  • to ensure that all our parishioners and the wider community are kept in the loop regarding what is taking place and what is about to take place.

To achieve these goals, the Parish Communications Group is prepared to use a variety of means including the parish newsletter, our parish schools (St Joseph’s Mernda, St Paul the Apostle Doreen, St Mary’s Whittlesea), digital platforms (e.g. parish website, emails, etc.), word of mouth, the local shopping centres, and others.

Chair: Fr Hien Vu

Members: Fr Jude Johnson, Anne Maguire, George Thommana, Chris Blake, Malou Leone, Lasith Fernando, Pat Rye, and Monique Heckmann