Rite of Christian Initiation in Children

RCIC schedule 2024

* * RCIC enrollment for 2024 has been closed on Saturday 17th February 2024. You can still enroll your child for the 2025 sacramental programs by completing the enrollment form and sending it to the parish office.

Sessions (will be held at the Nazareth Centre / Green village, at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Mernda )

1. Sat 10th Feb (4pm - 5pm)
2. Sat 17th Feb (4pm - 5pm)
3. Sat 24th Feb (4pm - 5pm)
4. Sat 2nd Mar (4pm - 5pm)
   No classes on the 9th March (9/10/11 March 2024 Labour Day’s Weekend)
5. Sat 16th Mar (4pm - 5pm)


May 2024 – Celebrations of the First Holy Communion

First Eucharistic Masses
(Pre-session 4pm 20th April @ The Green Village)
Weekend of 25/26 May
Weekend of 2/3 June

August 2024 – Celebrations of Confirmation

Confirmation Masses
(Pre-session 4pm 17 th August @ The Green Village)
Weekend of 23-24-25 August (around this this weekend).

November 2024 - Celebrations of Reconciliation

Reconciliation’s Celebrations
(Pre-session 4pm 9 th November @ The Green Village)
Sat 16 th November 2024 – (from 2.00pm to 4.00pm)

Click Here for the Enrolment forms.