Special Mass Timings

9:15am Wednesday and Friday Morning Mass will be celebrated at St Joseph’s Church—1490 Plenty Road Mernda, until further notice. 

There is NO 5.30pm Mass Saturday 25 December. 

There is NO morning Mass: Tuesday 28, Wednesday 29, Thursday 30 and Friday 31 December as Fr Hien is taking a short break.

NEW YEAR’S DAY MASS, 9.15am SATURDAY 1 JANUARY 2022 at St Joseph’s Church, Plenty Road Mernda. After Mass, all are welcome to attend the blessing of the new Church building site at the corner of Eminence Blvd and Bassetts Rd, Doreen.

The Archdiocese has provided parishes with updated guidelines which are as follows: 

  • MASKS  The wearing of masks is mandatory indoors for anyone over the age of 8.
  • SANITISING and good hygiene is strongly encouraged. Sanitiser will continue to be available and recommended for use upon entry at all Mass Centre's. 
  • Always remember to QR CODE CHECK-IN via the Services Victoria App