25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass Readings

Reading 1 – Isaiah 55:6-9
Psalm – Ps 144:2-3
Reading 2 – St Paul to Phil 1:20-24, 27
Gospel – Matthew 20:1-16


There is an innocent prayer of a kid during this pandemic, which is really apt for this year to chuckle and reflect on. It is like this, “Oh Lord, please uninstall 2020 and reinstall a new year instead, because it is full of Virus!” Yes, it is absolutely true, that this year is full of corona virus. It almost engulfs the normal life of humankind so badly across the world. We haven’t yet found the vaccine to alleviate this difficult situation. Many faithful cry out to God for assistance. But it seems no response coming from God as well. Lots of questions naturally evolve from inside of us against our God. Why is he so silent during the sufferings of his people? 

At this juncture, the first reading of this weekend teaches us that ‘God’s thoughts and ways are not as ours. As he is from above, it is completely different.’ Although, this word is inappropriate and seems we are departed from God, the psalm assures us that ‘He is nearer to our call’: His thoughts and ways are from above but he is not a distant God. He is closer to our life. It is something hopeful! Being closer to us and our dear ones He wants to teach something about our family. During this lockdown He brings everyone exclusively to our own family atmosphere to have a clear look at each other and realize the real love of God that radiate from our dear parents, children, husband, wife, partner, our brothers and sisters. Through a constant and genuine interaction with our dear ones, we regain the tremendous love that once knowingly or unknowingly we gave up due to our busy scheduled work and craving for the accumulation of material things. 

This is the time to find out the different ways of God active in us. God’s ways are like this, in that he brings back everyone together to cherish the memories of God’s Love around us, amidst all the chaos and sufferings. In the second reading St. Paul says, “For me life is Christ.” Our life is nourished and sustained by the love of Christ in us. Hence, let us be open to it and try to find the exuberant graces that God has given to us, rather than spending too much time seeking the material things and wasting time in doubting God at this time. And also, let us learn from God who is closer to us, the manner he opens up the different ways to make us fruitful in his love. 

Fr. Shymon Thekkekalathungal, Assistant Priest