With the COVID-19 pandemic headlining the news each day, and as we see Australia start to ease restrictions, it can be easy to forget that there are many countries around the world where the full extent of the impact has not yet been discovered. 

Priests, sisters and missionaries around the world are doing all that they can to ensure that those in need are given the best practical and pastoral support, however these Church-run programs often rely on generous donations from people like you. 

Will you join with us today to be there for those in need during this crisis? For more information and to give generously to support vital mission programs through COVID-19, please go to catholicmission.org.au/mission.

Eden Gardens Children’s Home – India 


The Eden Gardens Children’s Home in the north-east of India is usually home to over 250 children from remote areas, providing them with education, healthcare and faith formation, which they may otherwise not receive in their home villages. 

However, due to the COVID-19 lockdown in India there are 17 children, like eightyear-old Nathaniel who have no family to return to. These precious children rely on the Home to continue caring for their practical and pastoral needs. 

Your gift today can help ensure the home continues to provide for children like Nathaniel, contributing towards everyday costs such as food and healthcare. 

Please go to catholicmission.org.au/mission to support children like Nathaniel through life-giving mission programs today!

Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre - Ethiopia 

In the rural village of Meki in Ethiopia, Maria José Morales Jurado and the local Catholic Church have established the Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre, a vocational skills training centre for women who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Distressingly, due to COVID-19 restrictions in Ethiopia women like 26-year-old Alemnesh, a second-year student in the food preparation course, are unable to continue their training. 

With the Centre closed due to the government lockdown in Ethiopia, Maria knows that it is vital to continue supporting Alemnesh and the other women through these uncertain times. She plans to do this by providing food packs and financial support for the women and their families. 

Your gift today can help ensure that the Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre can continue supporting women like Alemnesh and their families. 

Please go to catholicmission.org.au/mission to give generously today.

Alemnesh from the Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre
Maria and a woman at the Kidist Mariam Pastoral Centre