On our September visit to Goglme, we listened as the women discussed the cookhouse use at a meeting chaired by Roslyn Tony, High 

School Head teacher. Here is an update on the Goglme Cookhouse from Sr Maryanne Kolkia.

I would like to begin with " Congratulations" It was indeed a great success. Thanks for all that you have been, done and gone through to make the plan of cook house become a reality at Goglme. I just returned from home this weekend. You could see how appreciative the people were/are. I know certain that cook house will be well looked after, used and served its intended purpose." Well done and “tenkyu".

Having the cookhouse made the youths to start building Parish Youth Friendly Centre. It is well under construction. When the parents see that each family agreed to contribute roofing iron as the cost of K60.00. It is really encouraging to see people start taking initiative, making it happen themselves. Thanks for the being the inspiration. Thank God for leading you through this unique journey 

 Winning ways! Our Tassie friends raise $575 on a Mad Hair Day ! Our intrepid leader Sr Carmel with young friends ! Thank you Carmel, Sarah and students.