Blessed, Broken and Shared—Reflection on Ministry

Youth Ministry—Altar Server 

"I feel really connected with God and I feel as if I am present with him. It’s a great opportunity to be able to help the priest and in the church. When I finish each Holy mass, I feel more confident and grateful to God."

Youth Ministry—Reader 

"I love being a reader at mass because, I’m one of the many people at mass who has the privilege to spread the word of God, to the rest of the church community. I also think, that I’m able to dive deep and understand what’s happening in the bible, and I feel connected to God during those times.

I think it’s just having the courage to just get up in front of people, I know that when I’m at mass it's a non-judgmental community and a safe space, which makes me feel more confident. I’m also hoping to be an inspiration to the young members of our church so that one day they will also have the courage to speak in mass.

I try to get the readings before mass, at least a day before so I can practice at home, I try to read in front of my family members so that they can give me feedback. I also ask around, in case there are any words that I don’t understand or just can’t read.

I feel really blessed and thankful to God for giving me this opportunity, to be a part of the mass. I definitely feel more connected to God and I feel accomplished afterwards."

God has blessed each of us with unique personal and spiritual gifts. Let us use these gifts in service of others, both within and beyond our parish. Everyone is invited to reflect on our own gifts and how we can use them to become missionary disciples of Jesus.