CTAL Oct-Nov 2019

You are so welcome to come to lunch to the Mercy Hub social room at 617 Nicholson St on Thursday, October 24th, from 12-2 pm. We visited the Highlands in early September and have wonderful news of Papua New Guinea to share. We’ll report on the magnificent work done on the cookhouses your donations made possible and discuss plans for another cookhouse in Mendi with you. So we would love you to come and bring friends. To RSVP please: 

txt or ph 0407 684 445 or write to PO Box 504, Carlton Nth 3054 

Email: ctalpng@gmail.com or margaret.ryan@mercy.org.au 

P u b l i c T r a n s p o r t : T r a m 9 6 E a s t B r u n s w i c k t o s t o p 2 0 R i c h a r d s o n S t 

M o o n e e P o n d s b u s 5 0 4 f r o m C l i f t o n H i l l t o R i c h a r d s o n / N i c h o l s o n S t s


Photos Clockwise:

  1. Ouamug women dance in traditional welcome.
  2. Sr Theresia Tina RSM, Sister of Mercy and wise advisor and cultural mediator to the Cookhouse project.
  3. Ouamug children in traditional dress.
  4. The Ouamug cookhouse is officially opened.
  5. The front view of the Cookhouse.


We sent them as unaccompanied excess baggage to save money and they ended up stuck in the Customs Shed at 5 Mile in Port Moresby! The story… Fokker jets normally land at Mt Hagen airport, but the runway is half-length at present. It is being extended to take737s from Australia, so that the fruit and vegetables grown in the Waghi Valley will reach the big city markets on express flights next year. But for now, only Dash 8s and 10s,smaller planes with two propellers, are landing and passengers are the top priority. Sr Claudia in Mt Hagen saved the day by seeking the mediation of a good friend in Port Moresby. Also we discovered that there is a much tighter and more streamlined Customs system as an outcome of hosting the APEC meeting of world leaders last year. All was well and the tools arrived intact just one week late! Fr Pius, the Vicar General of Mendi diocese was delighted. Thank you tools donors, esp St FX parish Montmorency people.

Thank you, Christ the Light Catholic Parish, Mernda, and St Mary’s Whittlesea school.—magnificent effort!

Rev Martin Ashe, parish priest and Christ the Light Parish Leadership Team engaged all of the parish, in recent appeal for the Cookhouses, which resulted in the wonderfully generous donations of $3130.95 + 350 + 397 (St MPSW), totalling $3877.95. What a magnanimous gift—amazing! The parish is the newest in Melbourne archdiocese and is working on a comprehensive building plan of its own. Many recent immigrants are making a home for their families in the new housing estates of Mernda, and Doreen. They are committed parishioners, many coming from homelands steeped in Christianity for centuries and now enlivening and enriching the loyal rural communities of Mernda, Doreen, Whittlesea and Kinglake. Australia is truly the luck country to welcome such committed citizens. Thank you all so much.

And Again, Many Thanks to our Young Tasmanian Friends

 We received news just before leaving Australia for PNG that our friends at Bridgewater, Sarah and Sr Carmel and the young students made $575 on a Crazy Hair Day. Well done!! Hair pics next edition….


Photos Clockwise from Top:

  1. External view Goglme Cookhouse
  2. Construction team with Sr Marg: L to R Philip Kup, Fr John Bike, Thomas Tei, Peter Lus Nime and friend.
  3. Cutting the ribbon. Sr Margaret and Enza, with Bishop Anton Bal and Fr John Bike and parishioners.
  4. Interior view of cookhouse as the local women enjoy their cookhouse.