Blessed, Broken and Shared - Reflection on Ministry Part 3

Eucharist Minister

I was asked by my Parish Priest to become an Acolyte. After being inducted by the Bishop it was an honour to serve on the altar by easing the workload and assisting the Priest at mass . Being on the altar and closer to the tabernacle you definitely felt more involved in the mass which strengthens your faith by being closer to God

Liturgy Ministry

In the busyness of life, it's very easy to become a passive observer in Liturgy; showing up in body but not in mind and spirit. With young children, a demanding job and myriad other distractions, prior to volunteering I would sometimes struggle to be fully present in the celebration of Mass, my mind wandering off in different directions. I began volunteering in order to try to ground my consciousness and to become more present in the celebration of liturgy. Initially, that took the form of participating in the Children's Liturgy team. In more recent times, with COVID sending Children's Liturgy into hiatus, it has been through leading, reading and, recently, becoming a Eucharistic Minister. Volunteering has, without doubt, offered the opportunity to become more present and to engage more reflectively in the Liturgy. Participating in the Ministry at St Mary's for the past 8 years has enriched me and my children with a deep sense of belonging to a generous, compassionate, warm and very welcoming community of faith.

I thoroughly enjoy my ministry as a volunteer. I had a strong calling to become a volunteer about three years ago. I look forward to my duties whether it be leader, reader or special minister after which I feel my faith strengthens and helps me to face the challenges of the coming week whatever they may be, knowing that God is guiding me through my journey.

God has blessed each of us with unique personal and spiritual gifts. Let us use these gifts in service of others, both within and beyond our parish. Everyone is invited to reflect on our own gifts and how we can use them to become missionary disciples of Jesus. You too can make a difference!