Lego Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our Lego Raffle Winners

  • Prize A . Patrick  (Mernda Mass)
  • Prize B. Hamish  (Student at St Paul the Apostle, Doreen)
  • Prize C. Lauren, Mum of Zakk (Student at St Mary's, Whittlesea)
  • Prize D. Peter (Whittlesea Mass)

The fantastic news is that the raffle made a profit of $4,870. Over $200 of that was outright donations not ticket sales. Every cent helps. Thank you to everyone that helped with the sales of tickets, helped display the Lego and purchased tickets. Also the brilliant response we had from all 3 schools. But the best part of the raffle was bringing the parish and schools together to aim for a common cause - our new church building.


Hamish was thrilled to win a prize!