Update from the Parish Leadership Team

Our Parish Leadership Team met on 9th June 2020 to discuss various initiatives for our parish community. Some key highlights of the meeting include:

  • Parish Website. The team discussed the importance of the parish website as a vehicle for communication and maintaining connection between parishioners. It is also a ‘door’ through which we welcome parishioners and enquirers into the life of our Christian community. Parishioners are urged to not only make good use of it but to inform friends and neighbours of its existence and its usefulness. 
  • Reach out initiatives. The parish continues to reach out to all parishioners at this time in order to ensure that people do not feel isolated and to address any needs that may be expressed. A team of volunteers has been involved in the ‘Call care’ program, and other initiatives include the live streaming of Sunday Mass, the virtual morning teas, the Thursday evening rosary, and the physical distribution of the newsletter to those who may not have internet access. Please refer to the latest parish newsletter if you would like to assist with any of these initiatives. We are most thankful for the efforts of many parishioners during this time of isolation and lock-down.
  • Residence for our priests. The construction of a home for our priests is now well under way in Bassetts Rd. Doreen. Here are  some photographs of the building progress previously published on the parish website. All going well the house should be completed by the end of this year. This will mark the first step in the development of a parish hub on the site at the northeast corner of Bassetts Rd and Eminence Blvd. Doreen.